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threw themselves within i▓t—and then sing of joy!” “▓I do know these things, Arodi,” was t●he calm reply, though the flushed cheek denot●ed some feeling of pain.“I know that for Is●rael there is only such joy as ma●y be resigned at a moment’s call●; only such hope as looks beyond● this world for perfection and fulfilment▓.Think you because, with a gra▓teful heart and joyful song, I breathe●d forth a dream of e

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ul to earth.How can it give itself● to God” “Through the blessin▓gs

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blessings which so fill my h▓eart with love for Him, that without one● murmur I would resign them at His call.”  癜You think so now; beware les●t this, too, prove a dream.F▓or me, hope and j

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from me as yon● blue arch from the cold earth o●n which I see but my brethren 癔s blood.” “Look beyond it, then,▓” answered Helon, fervently.“Wh●y should there not be joy for Israel Dar●k

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sent, so bright will be his▓ future.As both have been prophesi●ed, so both will be fulfilled●.” He spoke in vain; as wel●l might he have striven to pour forth suns●hine on the dark bosom of n

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